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We believe the story of our God given rights is the great missing link to restore our nation again. The great story of Liberty reaches it's crescendo in America with the Mayflower Compact and the landing of the Pilgrim fathers almost 400 years ago. But the great story began in Nazareth when the author of liberty, Jesus gave His first sermon to his home synagogue. The story is detailed in Luke chapter 4. He opened the scroll to Isaiah 61 and read the Messianic prophecy of the purpose of the Messiahs coming. He detailed that he came to heal the broken hearted , the blind, and to preach the Gospel to the poor. But when He came to the subject of Liberty he said he came to set the captives free, and then He repeated it a second time saying he came to set those that were in bondage free. When He finished reading the passage Jesus sat down and told the men that this prophecy had been fullfiled in their midst. The liberation of the world began that day. Jesus read through His loving message of redemption, the power and principals that would bring the golden thread of liberty to the nations. From here we see the clear paper trail of liberty from the blood bought freedom documents that emulated from the Magna Carta, English Bill of rights, Mayflower compact, to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Political, economic and religious liberty have never been realized until the Pilgrim fathers applied the principals of the Bible fully to civil law. We can restore freedom and prosperity in our nation, only if we voluntary return to those "eternal principals of right", those laws given at Mount Sinai and hold our representatives accountable to limit their jurisdiction to the protection of our God given rights, not the limitation or interpretation of them.
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November 2011 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Nov 24, 2011
  • Principals of Economic Liberty
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  • Principals of Economic Liberty

    "There are few situations more interesting to the human race than the economy of
    America this day presents"

    America is still the most prosperous and greatest nation on the planet, but much
    work needs to be done to keep her as a thriving nation. We can do it.

    Remember people made America what it is today, and we can make it what it ought
    to be. Christians believe that."
  • Pub Date: Nov 17, 2011
  • America and ancient Israel forever bound
  • America and ancient Israel forever bound
  • Pub Date: Nov 16, 2011
  • Thanksgiving to God the author of our Liberty!
  • Listen:
  • Dr. Marshall Foster: living father of Christian history.
    Thanksgiving to God the author of our Liberty!
  • Pub Date: Nov 11, 2011
  • Veterans Day 2011 The Story of Liberty
  • Veterans Day 2011 -The Story of Liberty
    God bless our Veterans. A interview with a post World War II Veteran.
  • Pub Date: Nov 03, 2011
  • Mayors, your on notice.. shut these violent OWS protests down now!
  • Mayors, your on notice.. shut these violent Occupy Wall Street protests down now!
    “Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people to PEACEABLY assemble.”
    Occupy Wall Street is no longer protected under The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Rape, destruction of property, child predators, the list is endless... Listen and find out the list of groups backing this movement and why its for a communistic America.