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We believe the story of our God given rights is the great missing link to restore our nation again. The great story of Liberty reaches it's crescendo in America with the Mayflower Compact and the landing of the Pilgrim fathers almost 400 years ago. But the great story began in Nazareth when the author of liberty, Jesus gave His first sermon to his home synagogue. The story is detailed in Luke chapter 4. He opened the scroll to Isaiah 61 and read the Messianic prophecy of the purpose of the Messiahs coming. He detailed that he came to heal the broken hearted , the blind, and to preach the Gospel to the poor. But when He came to the subject of Liberty he said he came to set the captives free, and then He repeated it a second time saying he came to set those that were in bondage free. When He finished reading the passage Jesus sat down and told the men that this prophecy had been fullfiled in their midst. The liberation of the world began that day. Jesus read through His loving message of redemption, the power and principals that would bring the golden thread of liberty to the nations. From here we see the clear paper trail of liberty from the blood bought freedom documents that emulated from the Magna Carta, English Bill of rights, Mayflower compact, to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Political, economic and religious liberty have never been realized until the Pilgrim fathers applied the principals of the Bible fully to civil law. We can restore freedom and prosperity in our nation, only if we voluntary return to those "eternal principals of right", those laws given at Mount Sinai and hold our representatives accountable to limit their jurisdiction to the protection of our God given rights, not the limitation or interpretation of them.
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  • Pub Date: Apr 16, 2011
  • The highest authority in America (under God) would not be any person   at all. The highest authority in our land is a document, the   Constitution of the United States. Part 1
  • Russ Walton put it right: government is not a producer, it is a taker, and a spender. Every dollar spent by the government is a dollar taken from the private sector, from the workers and investors. Every dollar taken by the government cannot be spent or invested by that productive private sector business.

    The Bible in the book of Acts, Chapter 4 does not teach socialism, as some might think. What the early Christian did was voluntary, the property was in their control what to do with their land and money from the sale. We see clearly in this passage that others gave money to the Church, not the State. Because socialism is in itself atheistic, it never teaches to give money to the Church.

    Alexis de Tocqueville also said, America will last until the public discovers that it can vote for itself largess (liberal taking) out of the public treasury. We have discovered that with a vengeance. Alexis de Tocqueville said it would bring about the destruction of the great nation. We are facing staggering deficits because millions of Americans are voting for schemes that will transfer wealth to them out of the public treasury, and many states are discussing bankruptcy as an option.

    Look, it is simply not shown anywhere in the Bible to redistribute wealth. The Bible does not support this idea. The whole essence of Charity is voluntary! No money can be extracted from you by Robin Hood or the state and be considered Charity, because its taken from you, its involuntary.

    An interesting analogy D James Kennedy used that a Christian life be compared to a hurricane. "In Florida we are familiar with hurricanes. First is that calm still warm center, and second there are the swirling winds that roar around that center.

    In spiritual life, if were going to be a hurricane we need two elements, the warm calm center, which is our private life with Christ, our faith in Him, devotion and desire to live for him, this is what fuels the power of the hurricane.

    But there must be something that comes out of that. Christians must be engaged in the cities and towns of America, potent, and able to make good. A vast majority of Evangelical churches in America today have become Pietistic and they have little or no effect upon the culture. Piety is good, devotion to religion, but Pietism is not because it makes the Church impotent. They never engage politics.

    In other words if that warm calm center (Pietism) went across Florida it would not change much, because there are no powerful winds."

    So what are we to do? Christ said be salt and light. Salt of the earth,( so you are not good for nothing.) Light of the world and salt of the earth, these are unique and different.

    Christians have obligations in politics, schools, media, business, families, churches, and yes; motion pictures. Did you know when the motion picture camera was invented it was offered to the Church and they turned it down because see they were Pieties, and could not see any practical use for it.

    Christ said in Matthew 28:18-20...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. As wonderful as John 3:3 is, "all that I have commanded you means ALL that is taught in the FOUR Gospels, and the entire Bible, including what the Bible says how to influence governments for good.

    Does political activism do any spiritual good? If it is part of what God teaches us in Scripture, then of course it does spiritual good because it pleases God, and Christ is seeking transformed lives, and then a transformed world.